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Our Story

At envireverse we understand that Sustainability is key, understanding the life cycle of a product, has to this point been purely focused on the immediate measure – Carbon emissions as a result of manufacture, packaging, and logistics.


But the life of the product does not stop there, it can be recycled, refurbished, reused, resold – how can you as a Brand take this circularity into account and what is the impact to your Carbon Emissions ?


At Envireverse we deliver industry certified value chain off sets through the provision of hosted technology and industry expertise. We provide complete transparency into the carbon flow of the reverse supply chain and the impact quantification of your circular economy processes across returns, repair, recycling ,remarketing, transport and packaging, across all stakeholders.


Envireverse has assembled a team of industry experts , some who have previously pioneered advances in Circular Economy processes, some who have dedicated their life’s work to carbon emissions and carbon pathway analysis, some who have built hosted technology applications for Tier 1 Global Brands ,this coalition are now focusing on helping simplify the assessment , impact and benefits of the circular economy across the reverse value chain.

Our Technology

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at envireverse. Our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. Our Cloud based platform aggregates your data in any format and our intelligent algorithms help you optimize your Value Chain offset which is industry certified for Carbon accounting purposes.

We attribute the emissions created and saved by each vendor in your reverse value chain  and create custom metrics dashboards so Brands can monitor and measure their impact quantification in real time, through a hosted application. This is the most accurate way of understanding Supply Chain Scope 3 emissions and provides a basis to make more informed decisions knowing the value chain off sets that are available through circularity and the after market carbon impact

We are not limited to any one field of data, our solution is designed to encompass all contributory emission factors, where data can be ingested, refined and aggregated in a single dashboard, to give Brands full visibility and facilitate their efforts to augment their sustainability commitments.

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